Mailing Address:

Champlain Valley Cohousing
Attn: Dora Coates
27 Common Way
Charlotte, Vermont 05445

Email or Telephone:

Marketing Coordinators:

Steps to Becoming an Owner at CVC:

Prospective Owners can get connected and explore Champlain Valley Cohousing before purchasing, in order to discover compatibility of values, to learn about daily life in our community, and to become acquainted with the decision-making process.

Initial Exploring Steps:

  1. Fill out our "Tell Us About Yourself" form
  2. Prior to first visit, discuss the following with a member of the Marketing Circle:
  3. Visit the community to tour our land, meet some of the residents, and to review our information packet with a Marketing Circle member

Steps to Deepen Prospect of Becoming an Owner:

  1. Be linked to a buddy (someone to help take you through the process)
  2. Consider a second, perhaps longer visit to CVC
  3. Accept invitations to Community Social Events
  4. Attend one or more Community Circle Meetings
  5. Indicate desire for optional inclusion in community e-mailings of circle meeting agendas and circle meeting minutes
  6. Gain access to maps and floor plans for community-owned property
  7. Receive community building protocols (if building on a lot)
  8. Meet with the CVC Development Company treasurer to discuss CVC's legal and financial status
  9. Attend an information session on Sociocracy, our governance process
  10. When you are clear, indicate the property of your choice

Final Steps:

  1. Complete a Purchase and Sale Agreement setting a Closing Date
  2. Close on your property and your new home!

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